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Explore New Services In India For Your Startup

Indian Style Of Business Network: Get Complete IT and Software Support For Your Startup

India opens again to everyone around the world, which aims to start, grow and run a business anywhere. Fly down to Jaipur, spend some time, live here, develop your startup product, and research the largest consumer market with accurate data.

Get pre-booked home, food, and 24X7 working environment to create a complete roadmap for your startup.

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Create New Online Products For Consumers

Zrix gives you a golden opportunity to build under-budget various startup IT products for your young startup.

  • Website


  • Software


  • Apps


  • Microsoft Solutions

    Microsoft Solutions

  • Business Products

    Business Products

  • Smart Devices

    Smart Devices

  • Intelligent Online Products

    Intelligent Online Products

  • e-Commerce Services

    e-Commerce Services

  • tvOS Apps

    tvOS Apps

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

    Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

  • Internet of things

    Internet of Things

  • Blockchain Development

    Blockchain Development

  • Bitcoin


  • Cloud computing & Solutions

    Cloud Computing & Solutions

  • Big data


  • Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services

  • Gamification


  • Cyber Security products

    Cybersecurity Products

  • Microsoft Dynamics Software

    Microsoft Dynamics Software

  • Latest frameworks

    Latest Frameworks

  • Latest CMS

    Latest CMS

  • Healthcare IT

    Healthcare IT

  • Banking &Finance

    Banking & Finance

  • Education eLearning

    Education - eLearning

  • Realestate

    Real Estate

  • Social Networking Solutions

    Social Networking Solutions

  • Realestate ecommerce

    Retails & e-Commerce

  • Movies & Entertainment

    Media & Entertainment

In House Development: A New Business Work Culture


project cost calculation

Project Cost Calculation

We offer the best services by keeping the project development cost under your budget. Select your project requirements and get the least project cost estimation.

Idea Validation

Idea Validation

Talk to our consultant, validate your idea, our work experience, and get the detailed project documentation free.

Interested In Working With Us

Interested In Working With Us

Once convinced, rate our project consultation. Hire our developers and create your own team.

get in house

Get In House - The First Change

Outsourcing is the old way! Come to Jaipur, live with our developers, talk to them face to face, work with them, and learn more about your project.

Benefits Of In-house Development In India

Most of the foreign companies/clients outsource Indian companies to save development cost. But, what if we give you in-house development around the same cost and completely take care of your living.

Outsourcing majorly causes a communication gap and leads your product to a disadvantage. If you are new in the IT field, seeking to establish your company, then


Take The Benefits Of INDIAN IN-HOUSE Development

Benefits Indian in-house Development
Actual Development Cost
You See Live Development
No Hidden Charges
Your Project, Your Control
Strong Project Management
No Compromise In Quality
Trending Technologies
Roadmap To Your Startup
Delivery On Time
Data Protection Is Priority
Better Infrastructure
Best Environment
More Investment On Technology

Mark Your Startup

Become a part of CMS’s program - Startup Abroad From India.

Take our services to your startup office and create new business opportunities there across a diverse range of projects and sectors.


Startup Abroad From India


Why Choose Jaipur In India?

Businesses and startups mostly outsource organizations across the globe when they cut the cost to save their investment. However, when you start managing core functions from outsourced companies, it is difficult to cut the cost. In such cases, in-house development is your way to develop IT software & products at good investment. At least, at the in-house business, you get the satisfaction and peace when you see the live working of your hired teams.

India on the forefronts is the leading nation whose companies are being outsourced by businesses in USA, UK, China, Japan, Europe, Africa, Germany and many more. We here at Zrix, provide Startup Abroad program for the young entrepreneurs who require IT support and services. We invite you to the Pinkcity of India, Jaipur for your project completion with our in-house team of tech experts. l benefits and explore the oldest, happiest, peaceful, glowing and cultural city - Jaipur!

  • Young IT Sector In India
  • High Availability Of Industrial Sector
  • Center Of Major Indian Tech Events
  • Assured And Reputed Market Size
  • Best Business Startups Of India
  • Growing Financial Sector In India
  • Pool Of Highly Skilled Talents
  • Skilled Investors And Entrepreneurs
  • Hub Of Cutting Edge Technology


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