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Accessibility website development

If you don’t know digital accessibility or web accessibility, then no problem, it’s not your fault. The term ‘Accessibility’ is new and is slowly paying its way to us. According to the new international standard for ‘Web Accessibility Initiative,’ every accessible website development company in the USA has to make web pages universally comprehensible for each and all.

Transform Your Business With Affordable Accessible Website Development!

Zrix provide the highest levels of web accessibility to websites with advanced accessibility techniques. Our motto is to make internet access better, with easily accessible consumer products, applications, websites, and other digital resources to all persons, especially the disabled.

For this, our accessibility web development team plans website features, designs, and development strategies to make the best internet solutions for organizations and businesses in different verticals/industries, keeping solutions and services cost-efficient and easy to access for the disabled.

We are a top-notch accessible website development services provider in the USA that creates breezing and easy to surf web pages, no matter the impairments. The features that we can wrap into our software by default are tailored to help people with disabilities.

It is now mandatory to make all the internet web content compliant with WCAG accessibility website design and development standards by January 1, 2021. Thus, revolutionize your business and make use of the accessibility of web development and other web applications.

"Accessibility in web development can become a key to business growth with benefits in Legal protection, Multi-browser support, Better market reach, and a Streamlined website maintenance process."

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Being a leader in web development for disabled, we provide all kinds of required digital services and solutions such as;

Visual Visual

  • Foreground & background contrast for images
  • Alternative text for images, controls, and other components
  • Moving, blinking or flickering content blocking
  • Text zooming

Hearing Hearing

  • Closed text transcripts, video captioning & subtitling
  • Text chat support
  • Volume controls for media players
  • Blocking of background audio autoplay

Motor Motor

  • Screen & text readers
  • Full keyboard navigation
  • Skip-to-main-content" and other navigational aids
  • Large target areas for mouse pointers

Cognitive Cognitive

  • Automated reader adjustments
  • Adapted headings, animations & page layouts
  • Audio & visual orientation cues
  • Increased time limits for user response & form completion

We Follow All Website Accessibility Standards!

Around 20% of the world’s population is, unfortunately, possessing some kind of disability in their life. Thus, it is not only our moral responsibility, but it is our duty to create an accessible website and mobile content for them, such that they can also use the internet as we do in our daily lives.

To create opportunity among developers and development teams, a company must engage with a few must be needed internet and web standards to create web content, websites, web applications, and any other IT service and solution.

Follow are some international standards that we follow for accessible website development:

  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • WCGA (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)
  • AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act)
  • Section 504 and 508 Standards of The Rehabilitation Act
  • 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act
  • EN 301549 Accessibility Requirements for ICT Products and Services

If you are a business owner and are thinking to make digital accessible solutions for people with disabilities, then get in touch with us!

What Are Our ADA Compliant Website Services?

The task at hand to implement accessibility is quite daunting for companies. Implementing accessibility with new technologies or third party solutions in development can be a concern. But, for us, it’s too easy as we focus on using advanced accessibility techniques.

Our accessibility website design and development company in the USA ensures the creation of well-to-do solutions and products for people with disabilities. Following is the list of our services:

To reach people with diverse capabilities, leverage our expertise and experience, and meet your compliance goals and make a digitally accessible disability-friendly website.

Avoid a lawsuit is now more important than ever before. Thus, to become WCAG compliance online business. And for this, hire an expert and certified Web Accessibility Specialist from Zrix.

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